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Football News
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MLS Football News

MLS or Major League Soccer is the main and highest category of soccer in the United States and Canada. This professional league depends on the US Soccer or the American Football Federation. The MLS calendar is atypical to what is generally played in the world. The season starts in March and ends in December. Here in Palco 2.0 we will present you the best football news. We will also tell you everything related to the MLS.

MLS competition system

The competition system of the league is very similar to that of other professional sports in the United States. It is divided into conferences (east and west). Each conference has 12 teams, 34 games are played during the regular season. At the end of the regular season 12 teams qualify for the playoffs or postseason.

History of Major League Soccer

The Major League Soccer or MLS was created on December 17, 1993. This was because FIFA requested the creation of a professional league in the United States to be able to grant the headquarters of the 1994 World Cup. Until before, There were semi-professional leagues and some attempts to professionalize football in North America. The league started with only 10 teams divided into two conferences.

With the passage of time new franchises have appeared and with it the league has expanded to new cities. Basically in the beginning of the league several stadiums of the NFL were used to host the football matches. It was not until 1999 when a stadium was built specifically to play soccer and was the Mapfre Stadium in Columbus, Ohio.

Participating teams in the MLS

At present the clubs that make up the Major League Soccer are the following:

East Conference

  • Atlanta United.
  • Chicago Fire.
  • FC Cincinnati.
  • Columbus Crew.
  • D.C. United.
  • New England Revolution.
  • Montreal Impact (based in Canada) .
  • New York City F.C.
  • New York Red Bulls.
  • Orlando City.
  • Philadelphia Union.
  • Toronto F.C. (based in Canada).

West Conference

  • Colorado Rapids.
  • Dallas F.C.
  • Houston Dynamo.
  • Los Angeles F.C.
  • Los Angeles Galaxy.
  • Minnesota United.
  • Portland Timbers.
  • Real Salt Lake.
  • San Jose Earthquakes.
  • Seattle Sounders.
  • Sporting Kansas City.
  • Vancouver Whitecaps (based in Canada)

Most winning clubs in the history of Major League Soccer

The league has counted in these years with dominant teams and that have been consolidated within the league. The competition is increasing and players of higher quality arrive. Among the most winning clubs in this league, we can find the following. This list will be updated, as well as update the best football news in Palco 2.0

  • Los Angeles Galaxy. 5 championships and 4 subchampionships.
  • D.C. United: 4 championships and 1 subchampionship.
  • Houston Dynamo. 2 championships and 2 subchampionships.
  • Sporting Kansas City. 2 championships and 1 subchampionship.
  • San Jose Earthquakes. 2 championships.

Top scorers in Major League Soccer

The league has had great players and many scorers. However, there are five great scorers who hold the first places as the top scorers in the US league. The top scorers in the history of the league are the following:

  • Landon Donovan (United States) – 145 goals.
  • Chris Wondolowski (United States) – 144 goals.
  • Jeff Cuningham (United States) – 134 goals.
  • Jaime Moreno (Bolivia) – 133 goals.
  • Ante Razov (United States) – 114 goals.

Top Salary

One of the characteristics of the league and that distinguishes it from other leagues in the world is the salary cap. In the rest of the world, the clubs handle the federation rights of the players, while in Major League Soccer the league handles the contracts and transfers. The league determines the salary cap for all clubs and must be respected. Remember that here in Palco 2.0 you will find the best football news, plus you will have the best information about international football.

Franchise Player

Another feature of this league is the figure of franchise player. This rule allows each club to have up to three players who can be better paid than the average player, thereby ensuring that great stars from other countries can be hired. This mode of operation is used in practically all American professional sports. The first franchise player in history was the English David Beckham in 2007, who was signed by Los Angeles Galaxy.

Since then many European soccer stars have arrived in the league, some in the process of retirement, but other players are still in full swing. Within these players we can find the following:

  • David Beckham.
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
  • David Villa.
  • Thierry Henry.
  • Andrea Pirlo.
  • Frank Lampard.
  • Kaká.
  • Robbie Keane.

All Star Game

Another of the characteristics of this league is the so-called “game of the stars” . It is a friendly game that takes place in the middle of the season that originally faced a selection of the East and West conferences, but over the years a system was implemented where a selection of players from the league it faces another club. Ascension and descent Currently there is no system of promotion and descent in Major League Soccer.

However, there is a league that could be considered as the second division of American football and is the United Soccer League, also known as USL. This league has a system of competences and structure similar to the MLS, basically this league is considered as a developer of young talents or promises.

Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup

In addition to having Major League Soccer, the tournament system of the United States includes the Lamar Hunt Cup. This lathe is also organized by the US Soccer or Football Federation of the United States, in this competition professional, semi-professional and amateur teams participate. It is the oldest soccer competition in the United States, since its first edition was in the year of 1914.

This tournament is played under a direct elimination format in six previous rounds, subsequently playing quarterfinals, semifinals and the Grand finale. This means that only one game is played and if there is a tie, two extra times of 15 minutes each are played. The winner of the trophy gets a direct pass to the CONCACAF Champions League.

MVP or most valuable player

Every year a prize is awarded to who is considered the best player of the season. This is also a feature of North American sports and leagues. The award is granted since 1996, now this trophy was renamed as “Landon Donovan MVP Award”, in honor of Landon Donovan who until now holds the title as the league’s top scorer.

Liga MX Football News

Liga MX is the main and maximum category of Mexican soccer. It is the most important professional soccer league in the country, currently two short tournaments are played in its competition system. The first tournament, called “closing” is played during the first part of the year. Meanwhile, during the second part of the year the “closing” tournament is played. Here in Palco 2.0 we will present you the best football news. We will also tell you everything related to Liga MX.

History of the Liga MX

The history of the Mexican soccer league began at the beginning of the 20th century. Although, the first antecedents of soccer in Mexico occurred at the end of century XIX. The first football clubs formed were the Orizaba and the Pachuca Club. These clubs were basically formed with Englishmen who came to Mexico to work in the mining and railroad construction sector.

First Mexican League 1902

The first antecedent that one has of a Mexican soccer league was in 1902. The first Mexican league was constituted in its majority by clubs of the capital of the country. Simultaneously there were other leagues, such as the league in the West where clubs like Guadalajara, Atlas and Oro participated. Veracruz, on the other hand, played in the Veracruz league with Orizaba.

Major League 1930

In the year of 1930 the major league was constituted, this after several months of disputes. The disputes were due to the rivalry between the clubs of the capital of the country and those of the interior of the republic. During that decade the soccer player was recognized as a profession for the first time before the labor secretariat. Also in that decade began to arrive foreign players, mainly Cuban and Spanish.

Professional Mexican League 1943

It was not, if not until the year of 1943 when finally the teams of the interior of the republic were affiliated to this new league. Veracruz, Guadalajara, Atlas and Gold joined the teams that were already playing in the major league. Among these teams were: America, Atlante, Mars, Asturias, Spain and Moctezuma de Orizaba. The first champions of this league were Spain and Asturias.

Dominant teams of the Mexican Football League

Throughout the history of Mexican football there have been teams that have demonstrated a hegemony over the years. Curiously, the vast majority of them appropriated a decade. At present the competition system of Liga MX is based on short tournaments. This has led to a greater number of championship teams and many of them have broken long spells of years without being able to be champions.

León, the first two-time champion of Mexico

The Lion Club was the first two-time champion of Mexican soccer. In addition, he had the first tri-champion of scoring among their ranks. Adalberto “Dumbo” Lopez was champion of scoring in the years 1946, 1947 and 1948. Leon was champion in the seasons 1947-1948 and 1948-1949, was also champion of the Mexico Cup of 1948. Without doubt, the Lion took over from the 1940s.

Campeonísimo Guadalajara

Another team that dominated Mexican soccer was Guadalajara. The club became the first and only four-time champion in Mexico to win the championship between 1958-1962. In total, the team won eight league championships between 1957 and 1970, in addition to adding two Mexican Cups, seven Champion of Champions and one CONCACAF club championship.

The 70’s and the Cruz Azul machine

During the 1970s the dominant team was Cruz Azul. In this decade the machine won 5 league championships. Players like Miguel Marín, Eladio Vera and Horacio López Salgado became legends and much of their great interest was increased during this decade. During this decade also the Pumas of the UNAM got two championships with players like Hugo Sánchez and Evanivaldo Castro “Cabinho”.

America and the 80’s

Club América had its great golden age during the 1980s. During this decade they won five titles, three of them consecutively (1983-1984, 1984-1985 and the short tournament PRODE 85). They also won a CONCACAF club championship in 1987. Players like Alfredo Tena, Cristóbal Ortega and Héctor Miguel Zelada became legends for this hobby.

Necaxa rays and the 90’s

During the decade of the 90’s the Rays of the Necaxa were the dominant team. A team that had practically been in the shadow of Club America and whose predecessor had been the legendary Spanish Athletic. A team led by Manuel Lapuente and with players like Alberto García Aspe and Ricardo Peláez, managed to achieve the bicampeonato in the seasons 1994-1995 and 1995-1996.

Short tournaments of the Mexican League

As of 1996, the system of short tournaments in the Mexican soccer league was implemented. The first was called “Summer 1996” and was won by Club Santos defeating in the final a Necaxa looking for the tricampeonato of the league. Within this modality of short tournaments many have been the Mexican Soccer champions.

Toluca, Pachuca and the 2000’s

During the 2000s, two teams dominated the decade. Toluca and Pachuca. These teams created practically a dynasty, both clubs won 4 league championships during this decade. In addition, the Pachuca Club was the first Mexican team to win an international title in South America by winning the Copa Sudamericana in 2006.

Football News: Creation of Liga MX, Ascenso MX and Copa MX

On June 4, 2012, the creation of Liga MX was made public. This basically consisted of giving the league its own identity by separating it from the structure of the Mexican Football Federation. In addition, commercial measures were implemented, such as the special sponsorship of a brand for the league. These measures were also applied for the second division, now called Ascenso MX. Finally, it was also announced the return of the cup tournament, which until then had disappeared. This tournament was renamed Copa MX.

Liga MX competition system

Until before 1996 the Mexican league was played under the long tournament format. This means that a championship was played per year (as is currently done in Europe). However, starting in 1996, the modality of short tournaments with a league system was adopted to determine the champion team.


The liguilla is the final phase of the Liga MX tournament. 17 games of regular season are played, at the end of it the 8 teams with the highest score and positive goal difference classify the group. Already in the league the teams are seeded as follows: 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6 and 4 vs 5. The teams play a reciprocal visit series where the away goal is considered a tiebreak factor. Teams planted from place 1 to 4 receive the game back at home. Here in Palco 2.0 you will find the best football news, and everything related to the liguilla.

Descent and Ascent in the Liga MX

The current way to determine the descent of a team changed after the arrival of the short tournaments. A system of averages or percentages was implemented. This is calculated as follows: It is considered a period of 3 years (6 short tournaments) where the points won in that tournament are added and divided between the disputed matches. In the end, the teams are ranked from highest to lowest with this quotient, the team with the lowest percentage is the one who descends to the Ascent MX.

Currently, only one team descends per year. In Ascenso MX only one team per year is promoted to Liga MX. The system of short tournaments is also implemented in the Ascent MX. The two winning teams of each short tournament at the end play a series to reciprocal visit to determine the team that ascends. In case a team wins the two tournaments, it gains promotion automatically.

Football News of Liga MX

Currently in Liga MX the following 18 teams compete.

  • Club América.
  • Atlas F.C.
  • Cruz Azul F.C.
  • Club Deportivo Guadalajara.
  • Club León.
  • Lobos BUAP.
  • C.F. Monterrey.
  • Club Monarcas Morelia.
  • Club Necaxa.C.F.
  • Pachuca.
  • Club Puebla.
  • Querétaro F.C.
  • Santos Laguna.
  • Deportivo Toluca.
  • Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.
  • Tigres of the U.A.N.L.
  • Club Tijuana.
  • Tiburones Rojos de Veracruz.

Qatar 2022 Football News

The FIFA Soccer World Cup Qatar 2022, (also written Qatar 2022) will be the 22nd FIFA World Cup organized by FIFA. Since 1930, FIFA organizes the soccer world championships every four years. The particularity of this edition is the time of year in which it will take place. It was approved by the general council of FIFA that this World Cup will be played from November 21 to December 18, 2022. Here in Palco 2.0 we will present you the best football news. We will also tell you everything related to the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

This due to the high temperatures of the country during the summer. They got the right to organize the World Cup in 2010. This will be the second time a World Cup is played in Asian territory. The first World Cup fair to set foot on the Asian continent was that of Korea-Japan in 2002. It was also the first time the World Cup was held jointly.


Since 1994, the FIFA World Cup has been held with 32 participant teams divided into 8 groups. However, it is being considered to expand the number of participants to 48. This, to expand the possibilities of countries participating for the first time in the World Cup. During a session in Zurich (which is the current headquarters of FIFA), it was announced that the allocation of the 31 places for the Qatar 2022 World Cup will be as follows:

By confederation:

  • AFC (Asia): 4.5.
  • CAF (Africa): 5 .
  • CONCACAF (North America): 3.5.
  • CONMEBOL (South America): 4.5.
  • OFC (Oceania): 0.5
  • UEFA (Europe): 13.

Only 31 places are distributed, since Qatar has automatically qualified as organizer. However, FIFA wants to organize this world cup with 48 seats. Therefore, he initiated talks with the Qatari organizers to evaluate the possibility of this. The way to distribute the seats in case of organizing the World Cup with 48 selections would be the following:

  • AFC (Asia): 7
  • ACF (Africa): 9
  • CONCACAF (North America): 6
  • CONMEBOL (South America): 6
  • OFC (Oceania): 1
  • (Europe): 16
  • Play-Off: 2
  • Friday: 1

Football News: Qatar 2022 Draws

To organize the World Cup, FIFA conducts two draws. One to determine the qualifying matches for the World Cup and another with the teams already classified to place them in the groups with which they will dispute the World Cup. The dates of the draws are as follows:

Classification: The preliminary draw in which the groups and dates for the qualifying matches will be defined will take place in July 2019, with a date to be confirmed.

World Cup draw: The final draw to define the World Cup groups will take place in April 2022, with a date yet to be defined.

Cities of the Qatar World Cup 2022 and more Football News

Eight stadiums have been confirmed in five cities for the World Cup, the cities that will host the World Cup are the following: Al Wakrah, Doha, Rayán, Jor and Lusail. These cities would currently host the 64 World Cup matches (pending the confirmation of the number of participants).

All of them will host the 64 matches of the World Cup. Of the eight stadiums only the Khalifa International Stadium was already 100% built at the time of its election as venue. The Al Bayt Stadium was built on the site of the former Al Khor Stadium. Ras Abu Aboud Stadium will be the first fully removable sports complex and once the tournament is over its parts will be donated to developing countries. The organizing committee assured that the stadiums and fan fest will have air conditioners. Remember that here in Palco 2.0 you will find the best football news, plus you will have the best information about international football.