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The Qualifiers for Qatar 2022 began!

The qualifiers have already started towards Qatar 2022! If you plan to go to the World Cup, hurry because the eliminatory ones have already started. Time flies by and already the teams begin to dispute the places that are available to attend the World Cup.

The qualifiers started in Asia towards Qatar 2022

In Asia, the qualifiers for Qatar 2022 began. The first round began, in this round the 12 teams with the worst ranking in FIFA play, from there they advance in different phases. Although there are still three years left until the start of the World Cup, the elimination process in Asia is quite long and that is why they start before any other confederation with their tie.

Qualifiers for Qatar 2022
The qualifiers for Qatar 2022 began!

The match that opened the Qatar 2022 qualifiers was the match between Mongolia and Brunei, the result favored Mongolia 2-0. Within the same day Bangladesh defeated Laos by the slightest difference, Cambodia did the same 2-0 with Pakistan, Macao 1-0 with Sri Lanka and Bhutan also defeated by the minimum difference to the selection of Guam.

These games are played by reciprocal visits and the winners will advance to the next round to be played in September and end until the middle of 2020. The games of the first stages of the tie also serve as qualifiers for the Asian Nations Cup. Therefore the Asian teams are preparing to face these games that have a double purpose.

CONCACAF will debut competition format

Meanwhile in CONCACAF these qualifiers will start until September. This will be done with the start of the League of Nations, this format allows the 41 teams to participate and will be divided into three leagues, depending on their place in the FIFA ranking. Mexico will begin its participation on October 11th. With this new format, it is sought to have greater equity and that all the selections of the region can participate.

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