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Sports Medicine

What’s Sports Medicine?

Sports Medicine is a specialty or branch of medicine that includes other disciplines of the same medicine such as: Nutrition, cardiology, traumatology, etc. This specialty maintains a control over the athletes to know their health status and with this, guide them to obtain their best performance as an athlete without putting their health at risk.


At present, sports medicine is geared towards high performance athletes. However, before starting to perform physical activity or sports it is important to conduct studies to determine if there are no problems that prevent the practice of a particular sport or activity. There are professional doctors and certified, so go to a specialist if you want a better diagnosis and monitoring.


Prevention is important in every sport activity. It is not necessary to be injured to go to a specialist or a doctor. There are aspects such as nutrition, which can be taken by a doctor at the same time that a sports activity is carried out. The specialist doctor can help to prevent or detect lesions in the initial phases.

Evaluation and diagnosis

Another important phase consists in the evaluation and diagnosis of injuries derived from physical exercise or sports activity. In many cases the correct treatment of an injury goes through the evaluation and constant monitoring of the athlete in health matters. There are pathologies that can develop from the performance of a physical activity, so it is important to treat them properly.


For this, in there is a fundamental part dedicated to the rehabilitation of injuries. This ensures the athlete to continue to develop their activity without risk of aggravating their injury. Thanks to the advancement of technology, a greater number of treatments aimed at the rehabilitation of injuries are being developed.

This also extends the athlete’s sporting life to a great level. It is certainly important that as an athlete you go with a doctor who can follow up on your sports history. Even more if you already have an injury that prevents you from practicing your sporting activity.

More about Sports Medicine

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